20 Things you HAVE to do this Summer

I have compiled a list of things you have to have a go at this summer! One you’ve done all of these things on the list -let everyone know in the comments and you are an official Summer Person! Take a look 😉

  1. Find loads of pictures, patterns, designs and ideas from a magazine and create a mood board.
  2. Go on a Scavenger Hunt with a friend. Make up a list of 30 things you have to fnd and see who can do it the fastest!
  3. Start a website/blog.
  4. Create some art out of something from nature-go BIG!
  5. Like 5 youtube craft videos and get inspired;)
  6. Photograph something that interests you every day for a week-or even the whole Summer holidays!
  7. Play Water Fight Tag- The tagger has to chuck water over the person they are ‘tagging’, then they become ‘it’.
  8. Sew something you are proud of…Oh, and it has to have something to do with frogs. ^-^
  9. Make a board game-or have a competition on who can make the best game!
  10. Create a magazine-you don’t even have to be creative-it could be about cars, fashion, technology-anything!
  11. Write a list of your dreams/aspirations.
  12. Plant a tree or plant in your garden, or grow something on your windowsill 😉
  13. Go strawberry picking and enjoy the fruit-mmm!
  14. Bake something adventurous-you never know it might be a breakthrough-or baking disaster!
  15. Start making a holiday scrapbook, add souvenirs, photos and write all about your amazing hols!
  16. Create a recipe book and add photographs to showcase your amazing bakes!
  17. Try a new craft that you have never tried before…example: Origami (it’s very fun!)
  18. Make a photo collage on your wall in your bedroom and add photos of you and your family 🙂
  19. Make decorations for your room -fairy lights, photos and frames, pretty bunting.
  20. Write a diary about all the amazing things you have done this summer and fill it with positivity and smiley faces 😀

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