So where have I been…?

Well…I’m not telling you…No, only messing with ya, of course I’ll tell you! I have been having my head down all day (pretty much, except for that cheese toastie) finishing off my little squares (now rectangles too! :P). I have been using my watercolours and made quite a mess-Sorry!

I can tell you that they are looking great and I hope, when I finally release photos, that you all love them too! I may be making doubles for sale, so keep checking back here!

I love to doodle-so why not leave me a suggestion in the comments? I’m always willing to try something new! Phew-I just let out a big sigh after all that hard work painting ;).

The picture shows the original Little squares, not the new ones, the big reveal will be coming to you soon!!

Little squares Collection

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