Dinosaur Discovery!

I welcomed this cute little critter to the family today! Let me introduce you to Simon the Dinosaur, made of green, pink and black modelling clay that bakes in the oven! I had previously drawn and used watercolour on a dinosaur design, so I thought, why not make it 3D? He was really brought to life when I gently added the eyes, and boy was it a fiddly process! I had to use a precise scratching tool to apply the tiny eyes that were the size of the lead of a pencil to the face.

Also, the body was very fiddly at first because with clay, it is completely solid to begin with. You then have to mould and work it so it becomes warm and soft. When it is pliable you can then mould it into the wanted shape!

Although fiddly, it was very fun! Why not have a go with some plasticine or clay?IMG_4194IMG_4192


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