What posts…when?

I may have been a bit hasty recently-I have posted pretty much every day, more than once. So I have decided to set up a timetable of when and what my posts will be to keep me more organised and the posts will be regular not mishy mashy all over the place 🙂

Mondays are going to be a post day, a whatever I feel like posting day ;). Fridays are also going to be a posting day because come on, who doesn’t like Fridays? They may be a craft day or just some activity I’ve been doing that week.  And Sundays will be probably a round-up of the week’s events!

These will be normal times, however, if it is Summer (like now 😉 ) or a holiday time, posts may be every day and a lot more common-enjoy reading everyone and I hope you are inspired to make loads of nice projects STUFF!

Featured Image: Rabbit drawing, made on Memopad.


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