Doodle Designs OVERLOAD

No-I am definitely not being overly dramatic.

Maybe just a bit.

Anyway, I have been doodling so much at the moment in my brown sketchbook. It’s square, which I like, so I can just fill the whole page with brands, doodles, designs, ideas, or even quotes. This time, I was designing shapes and objects to make out of my coloured oven-bake clay.

-I use some modelling clay that goes in the oven. I can highly recommend the ‘soft’ version. if you buy modelling clay do not buy the ‘professional’ or normal stuff, get the stuff that says ‘soft’, because trust me it makes all the difference-it will be highly mouldable and so easy to work into a useable dough. 😉

Anyways, as i was saying, anothe recent doodles page I did was ‘Drinks Doodles’, filled a page with drinks brands from fizzy pop to iced tea!

Excuse the blurry photo 😉 haha20160814_140612


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