10 Interesting Blog Post Ideas?

You may notice there’s a question mark on the title…because I am hoping they will interest you and your readers!! Why not have a look to see if they inspire you to get blogging this month? 🙂

  1. Tell your viewers 50 facts about yourself.
  2. Craft/DIY or life hacks.
  3. Frequently asked questions and answers to your blog.
  4. One funny thing you came across or did that day.
  5. Make up your own competiton like for example, comment your best riddles/jokes!
  6. A Photo montage of a recent outing or holiday.
  7. A craft tutorial that shows step-by-step.
  8. Your favourite books and reviews that month.
  9. A product review-or two!
  10. A Page of inspirational quotes you came across and loved!

I hope you found this list useful and it inspired you to maybe do one of these! If not, why not take a break and suddenly a genius idea comes to you!! 🙂

Featured Image: A handmade iPad carry case that I made a while ago, with a pocket on the outside for headphones! 😉


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