How to be more productive when you feel completely unproductive

*Phew* that was one long title but there you have it, I couldn’t think of anything shorter-it’s just too hot today ok guys?

So I have compiled some ways to be more productive, because we are all familiar with those uninspiring lazy days when we all just want to lie on the sofa and pretend we are being productive.

‘I’m just-you know- testing the comfiness of the cushions…’

No. No more of that, this post is gonna get you up and being so productive that you won’t be able to stop! Well, except for that delicious toastie-anyway, back to the point in hand…

STEP 1: Get up quickly, and wake yourself up fast

I have found that this step really helps you make the most of your day. Whether you’re baking, making, creating, designing, running, working, whatever you’re doing, if you wake up and not long after that you get up, get ready and you’re up quickly, you will feel so much more inspired to do something. Trust me on this one 😉

STEP 2: Set Your Goals

Why not make some small goals to complete soon? They could be simple things like ‘make 2 things out of recycled materials by the end of the week’ or maybe ‘run a mile’. Make just a few to start with and hopefully you will complete them soon enough.

STEP 3: Share your work

If you have made something you really like and you want other people to like just as much as you do, why not show them? They may even be able to give you some help or advice for next time you craft something. It will also inspire you to make more often, so why not try it? 🙂

I hope these short pointers gave you a bit of help and advice, thanks for reading! 🙂

Featured Image: A collage of my clay models. I have made a lot more since then-keep checking my blog because I will show you the full collection soon!


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