A Crazy Day!

Today has been SO productive!! Quite ironic when you think back to my last post, right? Well, I’m going to try not to waffle (well looks like I’ve already failed :/ ), and get right to the point(s)!

The day started off with a quick visit out to shops to gather a few bits and bobs here and there in stationery shops, etc. (I gathered a snazzy new notebook/organiser from WHSmith and Oli White’s first novel, Generation Next-I’m so excited to use them-can we have a, “yay”?) IMG_4215

So when I arrived back at the Tabi Den (a.k.a. ‘home’) I set about making a design on a thin piece of accetate (love that name 😉 ) and I did a mixed animal design and a camera +things I like design then got a piece of Sunography fabric (which came in a set) and you have to leave the accetate with the fabric underneath in the sun for 10 minutes. Once done, you rinse under running water and leave to dry. The results were surprisingly good and I was more than happy with the results I got! 🙂 It is such a clever technique and I can easily see myself doing it again!

Here are the designs with fabric below them, lying on the sunbathing patio 😉 IMG_4216  After this (and lunch of course-yummy ciabatta rolls-oooh) I felt like I needed to bake. Yes I did mean ‘need’. So the first thing that popped into my head was MUFFINS. Well actually the first thing that popped into my head was a triple chocolate fudge brownie cake with multiple layers and a salted caramel sauce drizzled over, topped with tempered chocolate-but there you go, I think that may be a bit ‘out of my skillset’. So I chose to make the choc chip muffins instead!

It’s a surprisingly easy recipe and really fun! I made completely 0 mistakes (jokes ;D) I made a recipe made for 20 muffins and only filled a 12 muffin tray so as you can imagine they were quite chocca blocca full. Oh, and I used granulated instead of caster sugar-but hey, who will ever know? 😉

Never mind, the finished result looked great, so I shouldn’t complain! If somewhat full and exploding!IMG_4219

To finish off the busy day, I decided to do something ‘makey’, is that a word? It is now. I walked into the living room and my eyes cast over the table with all my clay equipment…you can probably now guess where this is going!! I have been wanting to make an old fashioned computer for a while now out of clay, so I thought why not make it now? I actually had to briefly leave my laptop to eat a muffin so sorry if this post is quite late! They were so filling, but so delicious at the same time! The clay computer is cooking in the oven as I write.IMG_4221IMG_4222

It even has a little dinky computer mouse! Aww 🙂

I apologise about not posting so much today, so I gave you an extra long post instead!! 😉


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