How to: Decoupage

I felt as if you were waiting for a crafty tutorial, and I hadn’t delivered…so here it is!

I have previously made many things using the decoupage technique (it is a french word so I apologise that it isn’t spelt correctly) such as notebook covers, 3d rabbit, TABI letters, you can decoupage everything and that is why it is such a good technique to add to your ‘technique toolbox’!

Here is a decoupage rabbit I decorated…IMG_1730

So, how do you do it? Well, it’s actually a really simple technique that anyone can give a go. All you will need is PVA glue, something to decorate, paintbrush or glue spreader and magazine or tissue paper, not a lot, right?

You can water the glue down slightly (not too much or it just drips off) and stir it a bit. Use small ( the smaller the better) pieces of ripped up tissue paper/magazine and apply them onto the object with a bit of glue. Make sure once the piece is attached, that you brush glue over the top of the tissue paper/magazine to give it a shine and hold it in.

It can be a long process, but is hugely rewarding so stick with it! 🙂

Hints and Tips: Use a busy pattern (like a floral pattern as I used for the rabbit) so that you cannot tell where the pieces meet.

The smaller pieces of tissue paper or magazine you are using, the better the finish will look.

Don’t water the glue down too much, but do a bit.

Let leftover glue dry out completely instead of trying to rinse it off, you will simply be able to peel it off in a few hours and pop it in the bin. (I find it so satisfying!)

Have a colour scheme: I had a summery theme with the name letters.

🙂 Get crafting!


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