Better than the shops?

There is something just so so rewarding about growing your own fruit and veg! Instead of ripping open a plastic bag of broad beans and chucking them in some boiling water as if you couldn’t care less about them, you can lovingly pick them off a plant in your garden and actually enjoy the process of preparing them. 

I thought there was no chance we would actually get tomatoes-seeing as The plants came from seeds from a fresh tomato-but I was so wrong! 

Just a while ago, some small round green tomatoes began to appear amongst the leaves, and we were so surprised-in a happy way! That shows how easy they are to grow, although I think we were supposed to use tomato feed? 

Another great reason you should grow your own fruit and veg, is that they taste 100%* better than shop bought produce! I just love the sweet sweet taste! I have also grown courgettes, rhubarb, beans, peas, potatoes (and of course tomatoes) in the past! 

Why not give it a go? But you may have to plant produce in spring-always check what the seed packet says! 😉 

*not really but I like to think so 😉 


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