Tayasui: My Recent Sketches

So Tayasui, if you aren’t already familiar with the Holy Grail of all Things Sketchy, is a free sketching app that is so simple yet you can make the most amazing complicated drawings with. This is definitely my go-to sketching app, nothing beats it except Memopad, which I also love so much. 🙂

So here is a list of some of my sketches I drew on the app, hope you like!

If you are wondering what I use: iPad mini, and normally a Sensu stylus. Plus the app.IMG_4226

I was sittingtensely watching the track cycling last night, I was too nervous to watch! So I drew this bike as they sped along. IMG_4227

Inspired by another Olympic event, the diving (specifically 3m platform, if yer interested) I quickly drew this one, well done GB!IMG_4228

A cute liccle freckled cat! If you look closely you can tell where I added lighter cheeks and tiny freckles. ^-^

I expect you’ve already seen this little guy! Rabbit doodle.

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