You HAVE To Read This

See? Did it work? A good title should always catch your attention and make you want to read the post, right? But how do you do that successfully? I did my research and sometimes people can just make the most catchy headlines off the top of their heads, but if you are like me and sit there pondering about the title for sixty percent of the time, then maybe follow these useful guidelines for help! 

Tip Numero 1 

A good title is short-but not always.

“What on earth are you on about T?” I can hear you shouting at me. Well let me explain…

A short and snappy title, such as ‘Disaster strikes!’ Is always good to headline a post where a recipe went horribly wrong, however, what if you put, ‘Why You Really Shouldn’t Ever Bake a Lemon Cake’ can also grab people’s attention (if what more) than the short version. Clever huh? Try it, it works. 🙂 

Tip Numero 2 

Use CAPITALS or italics for specific words.

Now, I know it can be hard not to write ‘WHY YOU REALLY SHOULDN’T EVER BAKE A LEMON CAKE’ because it catches your eye, but do not use capitals or italics for the whole title, be selective. Try, ‘Why You Really Shouldn’t EVER Bake a Lemon Cake’. Doesn’t that work much better? See how by just selecting one word, it can make a whole lotta difference? 

Tip Numero 3 

Write what they want.

The last thing you want to be doing is just jamming a whole bunch of words that have completely nothing to do with the post in a title, because an artist, for example. may look at a post called ‘Arty day and lots of ice cream that tasted delicious plus painting’ and click on it because they think it is a post about art, however it is actually a page long rambling about ice cream and two lines that talks about the ‘arty’ bit. 

Make a title that goes with the post. How about, ‘Ice Cream Love’ instead-short and snappy, and represents honestly what the post is about. 

Tip Numero 4 

People HATE clickbait. 

It’s basically a fact that any craft blog readers are looking for craft tutorials and maybe a few lifestyle posts here and there. But, trust me, click bait does not belong here. People can’t help themselves if a post says, ‘5 ways to keep fit without leaving the sofa’, they’re gonna click the link real quick, right? So they follow the link and it is actually a boring old article about eating your five a day. What an anticlimax. You just lost a viewer by doing that. 

On the other hand, if your post is called this, and you actually do have a health breakthrough that you wish to shout from the rooftops, then, who’s to stop you?! I’m sure not, you go for it! 

All I’m saying, is that honesty is key, if you want genuine readers interested in making something or looking at your super cute sewing creations! 

Well blog fanatics, that’s it for this post, now go make some cracking headlines! ^-^ 


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