10 Room Decor Ideas

A crafty list of things you can make for your bedroom! Have a try at one of these things! These are all my own unique ideas, please don’t take the credit, but however make them to your hearts content. 

1. Make a decoupage frame for a painting or family photograph.

2. Sew a cushion with a cool motto on it.

3. Make a bookshelf of all your favourite books.

4. Paint a wall stripey or spotty. Go bold.

5. Make a display of magazine covers you like, include magazine cuttings and headers.

6. Use a string of fairy lights on the headboard of your bed.

7. Sew a cute cushion in the shape of a sandwich or baguette.

8. Get a whiteboard and decorate the rim so it looks jazzy.

9. Have a move around to maximise space, then sew a large quilt or rug.

10. Out of wood, construct a thin cd rack for all your favourite tracks.

I am planning on making a small project from an organic craft book, I will keep y’all up to date!

Also, does anyone like the new logo? I would like to give a big thanks to the app MAKR, it is so easy to use and so modern! I would highly recommend you check it out! 🙂 Keep crafting busies!


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