Artist’s Tile Set *REVIEW*

I love a good old review don’t you? *ooh I could be a poet* You get to sit comfily and read a lovely lengthy review of a product you want so badly you keep checking YouTube to see it again and again, just to make sure such an AWESOME product actually exists. Well, now I felt like I wanted to make a review on this new product I recently got. I was so intrigued when I received these-it’s one of those things where you pick it up, and have to examine it for at least five minutes until you suddenly beam with *joy* (literally-people stare at you wondering why you’re so happy), well this was definitely one of those products-the only difference being I was given it, so I dodged the embarrassment of over-grinning in an art shop.

So, now I’m going to convince you why this set is a life-saver when you are overcome by wonky hand-cut paper. Here’s why this is so *amaazing*. :/

Let’s start with the packaging, *oh the packaging, swoon*. It has a cool colourful pattern, although I have to say, unfortunately it was a bit misleading, it made me think that I was looking at little colour ins (considering the sudden popularity wave in Adults Colouring) but I was happy when I figured out they were plain 🙂

You may remember I have been working on many items in my ‘Little Squares’ collection, and these cards reminded me of the same concept!

The font, also, is just perfect 😉 But now I will move on to what is waiting inside.

First, we start by examining the quality of the paper. On the front, these art tiles claim, ‘acid-free’, so the inks and pigments used on this paper, will not deteriorate as it would with acid paper. Another good point, is that the paper is of high quality. It explains that it is 300 gsm card stock. And come on, who doesn’t want their art to stay the right colour! It is great that this paper doesn’t let the ink bleed or blend through to other areas of the paper. Great news there! 🙂

I created a few designs using the paper, and I think it does what it says it does, and is quite handy not to have to cut out your own all the time. The only bad thing I have to say, is maybe that a nice container (I really am picking holes here, cos as a first review, it’s a pretty good product) or tin to keep them in, because they would easily be lost, broken, or spread apart. I had to get my own box, or I (with my messy whereabouts) would easily lose them 🙂

Also, if you are wondering what pen I used for the drawings, it is the Uni Pin fineline, I think these are available in art shops or even supermarkets, so quite common. This pen is great, and water and fade proof.

I give this product a 4 and 1/2 out of 5. 🙂



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