How I filled a boring wall…

I practically squealed when I saw these designs! I couldn’t help myself, I mean, just look at them! They did not come like this however, I actually bought five frames and framed them myself-much to the pain of my thumbs (with those horrible metal bits you have to pry open 😦 ). So I got home and straight away began framing these sweet delights. And yes, I have to confess I did buy yet another pack of fairy lights-look, you can never go wrong with fairy lights. 

These lollies are ‘right up my street’, as people always say, and sometimes you see something and just have to pick them up-especially as AMAZING NEWS: these were on sale for the bargain price of £1-yes you heard me-ONE POUND! I was like, ‘aw, these are cute’, *turns over and sees price* ‘yup, you’re going straight in the trolley’! Plus, the frames were only two pounds each! It was ridiculously amazing. 

But then came an obstacle I had to face, the fact I then had to decide whereabouts and how to place these darlings. I lay them out, framed and ready, then stared at them. 

And, I may have also, thought… ‘Should I draw faces on them?’ So yes, that may happen in the near future

I cocked my head to one side, and looked at them for another good couple a mins. I swizzled them round, switched some over, muddled them up, and eventually I settled for what was on the back of the pack. I know, you’re all thinking, ‘groan’, but it looked good! They looked fabulous on the wall! *ahem* excuse the pun. After having a blank grey wall for what seemed like agees, finally it had some lovely colour! 


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