How to Bake Perfect Cake

I have to admit these bakes you are about to witness (sounds dramatic) aren’t perfect and aren’t a showstopper from the Final of Bake Off, but I like to give my all and try my hardest to bake them! 

In recent weeks, I have been making an apple and cinnamon cake-a big success, and today I baked a scrummy choccy cake, of course with a chocolate buttercream smiley face on the top, because, why not? 🙂 

So how well did these recipes turn out in the end? I can assure you there weren’t any soggy bottoms, or disasters under pressure, so it’s all good! 

I also threw in a classic sponge into the mix.

My scrummy chocolate cake was a Nigella recipe, the sponge was a classic sponge recipe (they’re basically all the same!), and the apple and cinnamon was a good old BBC Good Food recipe-yum! 


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