You’ve been waiting for it!

Finally, the great moment is here everyone. Prepare yourself for the ultimate revealing of the velvet curtains…not literally, but it’s pretty exciting. You’re probably waiting for me to suddenly say, ta-da! But I am just building up your excitement, so bear with me-and hang in there! Exclusively to Busy Bee Blog, because I have not yet produced a show-page on my Wix site, and so if you wish to see a full collection on my website then watch this Dinky space craft-lovers!

I was inspired by a crafty youtuber* a while ago, she had the sort of videos that you watch and instantly admire, and wish you had that much craft materials! She inspired me from the start and I was itching to zoom off to my dining table and just make something-I didn’t care what, I just wanted to make!

‘…to zoom off to my dining table and just make something-i didn’t care what!’

So, I guess now I will show you the big reveal, an old blog post** mentioned that soon I would be revealing my whole collection of my…

Clay models! Yay 🙂

So here it is, you’ve been waiting for it, my whole range! Let me know what your favourites are and whether you think they are any good, I hope they are after all the hours I spent!

Collection: Clay Evolution

*Her channel’s called Nim C, I love all her amazingly cute stuff! ^-^

**This blog post is, if I remember correctly, Waiting for the Big Reveal, check it out!

Note to Reader: This is all my own work, ideas, and photos.


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