Frisbee Golf-yes please!?

Surely this is only a game on a Wii, right? Wrong! The other day, I had a lovely day at a place that does Frisbee Golf! On a lovely day (well it wasn’t to start with…) In a lovely setting, in the Summer, come on, who wouldn’t want to have a day out throwing a frisbee into the ‘hole’? I certainly did want to have a go! 

It was really fun, there was a well-designed course, and you could choose from various difficulties. Throw the frisbee towards the goal and you have to try and get the least amount of throws! Fun! 

When you’ve been so busy making things and cooped up in the house, sometimes you just want to get outdoors and do something active and enjoyable! This was certainly it! It’s like golf (which I actually really enjoy, despite being terrible at it and almost always missing the ball first time…) but with a twist which made me intrigues straight away! 

After we were all exhausted, it was time to hit the cafe for a well earned break and raspberry lemonade! Firstly, we headed all the way up a steep hill, which ended up leading us to the wrong place-we noticed the ‘no trespassing’ signals turned and headed back down straight away! All that walking for nothing! Well, we had very good views, so it wasn’t completely pointless! So, eventually we found the cafe and sat down to enjoy the views and drink our yummy drinks! 

“…sometimes you just want to get outdoors and do something…”

It was such a great day, and although it may be the end of Summer, you can still have so much fun, inside or out! We also had another dramatic game of Farmopoly, a board game I made the other day! 😉 

Featured Image: unfortunately, I couldn’t take any photos on the day, but here is a little drawing I created on my iPad instead! 


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