How To Make a Mess-oh and two upcycling projects.

So, as part of my challenge, I decided I wanted to really go for it. I didn’t just want to make one little project, oh no. So I set about rummaging through all the bottles, jars and containers, and I stumbled across two rather tall plastic bottles. Now, plastic bottles always have a range of possibilities, so they were perfect!

I have been making many things recently, but I made two things out of these plastic bottles I found. So I started by cutting all around the middle of the bottle, and then slotting the bottom inside the top half, so they were about half the size.

I now painted them with a background colour. I did a light bluey-greenish colour for one bottle and a metallic silvery colour for the other one. To make this metallic silver colour, I used Reeves Iridescent Medium. You squeeze a bit out of the tube, and simply mix it in to your normal acrylic paint-it works crafty wonders!


It was a bit like watching paint dry, watching the paint dry. So I thought, hmm, why don’t I make something else, at the same time! And yes, as you can guess, this led on to another project, which led on to another one. You get my drift here.

Next up, for these Dinky bottles, you must make a label for the blue bottle. My label, I called Fruit Fizz (now you can guess what these are beginning to turn into!) and I used various orange acrylic paints for this, and just ordinary printer paper. When I was finished, I also outlined with the black pen pictured.

You can attach the label with Pritt Stick or PVA glue, whichever you have to hand. But make sure your paint is dry first. Do not be impatient Busy Bees! Do not follow my bad example…;) Finally, you can make a silver lid, and I painted a little orange on it, aw!

Now on to the other silver bottle. You are going to cut out two rocket wings, and also paint these silver. Whilst they are drying, you can make a porthole window. You can see it pictured below. But remember you can be as creative as you wish, change the colours, add doors, and flames, do what you like, it’s your rocket!

There you have it-your very own rocket bottle and fizzy pop! Stash your pencils and pens, wishes, or sweeties in them! This would be a great gift, as it is so cheap, and super cute!


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