Calm down Tabi, seriously, b-r-e-a-t-h-e. Look,I know it’s a super-cute pineapple, THAT HOLDS YOUR PAINTBRUSHES. But don’t get over excited. 

*Screams with delight* 

I couldn’t help it. I’m sorry everyone! 

You will see what I mean in a minute though, because one of my many mini projects was a pineapple out of a fizzy drinks can, and come on, what more could you want in your oh so stylish bedroom? I know for a fact this is going to take pride of place in my bedroom, probably on my inspo shelf-if you want details. 🙂 

So how did I make this beaut? Well I am going to reveal all, every step I did to make this adorable friend of mine! 

So, I started off with these metal cans. They are tall and thin, and for once my busy brain stopped whirring. What was happening? I had three cans in front of me, and I couldn’t think of anything to make with them, come on, think! Eventually, I knew what I was going to do. I got some basic orange paint and covered the whole can with it. After several layers, you could no longer see the writing underneath. Now, after the click of my fingers, no just joking, after several hours it was dry, and I could then use my more expensive, acrylic paint to cover it all. You are now left with a yellow can. But you’re not done there…

But WOAH there! Don’t forget Mr Pineapple’s spikey hair! What I did, was cut out a thick bit of corrugated (well auto-correct certainly did not like that) cardboard, and painted it a dark shade of green. You could make him massive great hair, or Dinky spikes, like me! 🙂 

Using some PVA gluey glue, I attached it firmly to the top of the can, BEHIND the drinking hole. This is important, you will see later on, why. 

Now for the ‘grooves’, and no I’m not talking about some old dance move, I’m talking about the pineapples diagonal indents. -.- Grab the end of a fine paintbrush, and some orange paint, slightly darker than the yellow you used to paint the Pintapple and you’re going to draw on the diagonal lines. This will take a while, because you have to keep getting more paint. But stick with it, cos the end product is caa-yute! ^-^ Also, at this point you can add a cute Kawaii face, or whatever you like! The pineapple doesn’t even have to have a face, but I think it looks great with it!

You are basically done now! You can pop your tools and paintbrushes inside, and store on your craft table or desk, it looks so in place by a quote in a frame on your table. Try taking some amazing shots of it in places around the house. Hope ya liked Pinyapple! x


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