The Make Something Old New Challenge

I have decided to make a challenge, for me, and also you. If you wish. I was pondering what to blog about, but I found all my ideas weren’t quite there yet. 

  • How to make a Parrot Biscuit Dispenser (now that is a good one)
  • 5 ways to improve your Paper Cutting skills (I recently made several on simple printer paper with designs like a campervan) 
  • How you have been 3D modelling wrong all this time

But they were all what I would normally post. And if there’s one thing for sure that I do not post very often, that’s a challenge, so I decided to start my very first challenge! 

But of course, then what do I name it? The ‘How many Paper aeroplanes can you make in five minutes’ challenge? The ‘Who can do the best drawing of a Lizard with a Sunhat’? I did not know what to choose. And then it dawned on me. Of course. How could I forget? 

There were three washed up metal fizzy drinks cans on the side. My brain whirred with Craft Opportunites. So, why not challenge anyone who wants to, to make something old into something new and amazing! Why not get people to enjoy creating recycling into useful things for your home? Or cute designs out of rubbish you do not need!? I thought, let’s do it. Why not? 

So here, is where I set up, Make Something Old New challenge, I declare it OPEN! *Snips red ribbon to declare opening* I am going to try and make at least one thing that would have otherwise been thrown out, into something I can love and keep in my home. You don’t have to be super duperly great at creating things, you just have to try! 🙂 

I have so far down about, 3 project posts I think? But I have so many DIYs and makes I am simply DESPERATE to share with you! Enjoy the challenge, and take part yourself! 😉


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