Buckle Up!

Inspired by the Elves and the shoemaker fairy tale, a while ago I set about making these, so how did I do them?

So, I started with a rather large chunk of brown oven-baked clay, and worked from there, moulding rather tediously and shaping to get just the right cuteness and shoeyness. 

Eventually I had finished the shape, and so then I moulded the buckles and stuck a pencil in the back to make the ankle holes. Using a clay tool (which is actually a makeshift tool from one of those scraper foil thingys) I carved a little squiggly pattern down the front as if they were leather shoes.

Just before these cutesies were popped in the oven, I moulded them together and in they went at one hundred degrees for about twenty minutes, phew, that was fiddly, but worth it!

Popped on a liddle bit of leather, they look great! 😉 comment for more clay tutorials and posts! Hope ya enjoyed crafters!


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