Squishy Stress!

When you are feeling SO stressed or angry, and you just need something to calm you down, pronto, a stress ball can often help. But I cannot remember the last time I saw a stress ball in a shop, so when I saw a really cute DIY video on how to make a stress ball, I simply could not hold back my fingers from clicking ‘view’! I mean just look at it! How could you resist!? 

So, I had to find a balloon pretty soon, and I didn’t exactly want to have to buy more things. But luckily, after a lot of rummaging and chucking old bits and bobs and whatnot over my shoulders, I found the party box *angels rejoicing sound*. Although, to my disappointment, there were several balloons that said ‘Happy Birthday’ on them. This was just not acceptable. I mean, who puts Happy Birthday on balloons? ( 🙂 ) I am only joking, I love happy birthday balloons! 

Eventually, I let out a big sigh, as I saw some plain dark and light balloons, and they were pretty cool! 




At this, the messy part began. Sorry worktop, I may never see your lovely wooden face again…;) 

I grabbed some Self Raising flour from the cupboard O baking (a.k.a the corner cupboard) and stuffed the balloon about 1/2, 1/3 full? That seems about right. 

WARNING: flour will go everywhere. I hold no responsibility for your creative messiness. If it is not messy, you are not being creative enough. 


Anyway, you may wish to use the end of a spoon or a pencil to poke the flour into the balloon, and so it stretches a bit. A top tip is to use a paper funnel, which you can make out of a newspaper or advert so the flour doesn’t spill everywhere. 

Once my balloon had the right amount of flour inside its rubbery belly, I went ahead and tied a knot, easy as pie.

Except I could not do it. But that was obviously just because I had filled it up too much…definitely…yeah…*ahem* 

And yes I may have had an sneaky look at Wikihow to see how to easily tie a knot in a balloon, but hey, that’s what it’s there for, right? 🙂 

Once I had cleared up the mountain of flour left on the worktop, I went ahead and drew a cute iccle face on this guy. He was a happy balloon, so I made him a laughing face! 

These are so good at relieving stress, or just holding in your hand if you are bored. Why not have. A go craft friends? 🙂 Super fun, super easy! yay! 


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