DIY Bear Memory Stick

Hoow cute? Nothing beats a super-cute clay DIY on a rainy Saturday like this, right? I wonder if it is raining where you guys are too? Well I think I just about have the most useful, adorable thing to have so far! Aw!

I have been obsessed as you all probably already know, with clay right now, and I just can’t hold myself back from making object, after animal, after food out the colourful stuff, it’s SO addictive!! Once you’ve started, you just cannot stop! That’s a warning to you all planning on starting to use oven baking clay! It’s so addictive!! 

I had to dismantle the USB first, and by that I mean I pulled off the outer metal bit that allows you to spin the stick around-I then tried removing the rubber casing-and quickly put it back how it was after seeing the circuit board and all those other technical bits and bobs I will never understand… 

The clay was rather fiddly-but whenever you a re making clay, as long as you persevere, you WILL get there in the end, it always just needs a bit of stick with it attitude. You’ll get there in the end.

“…it always just needs a bit of stick with it attitude-you’ll get there in the end…”

So, after a lot of stressful fiddling (just where is the squishy stress ball when you need it?!) with the clay, I could breathe a sigh of relief, because I had finally got there’s! This must have took hours of reshaping, starting again, giving up, and down right perseverance! 

Also, if you were wondering, I did actually attempt making a unicorn first, but the White clay was IMPOSSIBLE to work with, because it was ‘professional’ not ‘soft’. :/ And, to add to all the problems, every little fluffball, spec OK of dust, and the teeniest blob of clay, shows up on the little beast! 

A top tip I would give anyone attempting to make this, is wrap tin foil around the memory stick, flash drive, USB, whatever you wish to call it, my personal preference is Herman. Because this allows you to mound the clay around it, until you are happy with the shape, and when it is ready to be baked in the oven, you can simply slide out the Herman and and bake in the oven, because tin foil can go in the oven, but poor Herm can’t. P.s do not attempt it you naughty. You can also do the same to the metal end, if you are making a lid for it. 

So after a twenty mins scorching in the cake cooker, or oven as people refer to it as, and after it has cooled down looads….

I slid the memory stick back in, checked it still fits, then applied some wood glue (this is what I used because I did not have any hot glue at the time) inside the clay and pushed the stick down into the rectangle hole. BEWARE:the bear’s ears stick up and so make sure the memory drive thingy whatever will still fit in a computer slot. 

I actually really enjoyed this project and am excited to try out more in the future because of the enormous range of possibilities and fun I can have with playing with the idea of a useable DIY, look forward to that everybody. 🙂 


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