Yeah, you heard me! 

It’s time for y’all to get creative too, I have been so busy creating lots of clay models, pencil toppers and key rings, that I feel like I am in need of new ideas -from YOU! Yay! How cool does that sound!? I am asking all my lovely chums to have a go at whirring the old brain and you are going to comment clay ideas of what I should create next! I have always wondered what amazing ideas you have, and I would love to make whatever you want this time! 

This competition will begin as soon as this post is published, so as you are casting your lovely eyes over this post, you will be able to comment your suggestions! I will then pick the winner that I think is best, and create that. There will be a few rules (Ikr the boring but) but we gotta make it fair ! 🙂 I am sorry I’m just too excited to start! 

  1. You can only enter once. *eye roll* I know, I know, boring huh, but come on otherwise you could post every single thing in the whole world right? See my point now? I will only approve your first comment, so think wisely! 
  2. The competition will close on 23rd September 2016 teehee, I feel all powerful! 😀 
  3. If none of the comments seem possible to make, I may hold the comp again, sorry folks, but everyone has their limits! 
  4. Try and keep your ideas original, not what you have searched on Google, or Pinterest! 

I think that is just about all I have to waffle on about, if I remember anything else, I will let you lovely bees know. Good luck! Please take your time to enter, it’s so easy! 

What shall I make next out of clay!…?



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