Back To school Haul!

I know it sounds quite late for any back to school posts, but I decided to do one anyway! I have compiled some of the main things to go in a school bag, and maybe it will give you ideas too to buy or use! So, let’s get started on what I got!

Note: I meant to put the DIY bear Memory Stick in this photo, but silly me, forgot! 

British Guards Notebook

I am obsessed with this gorgeous notebook, with a cream background on quality card and the cutest little guards stood in line, this is just so perfect to scribble down reminders, homework or doodles in school! 

50 Notecards

Now, when I eyed these in the supermarket, it made me think, I’m point up a bit of scrap paper and scribbling down messy notes for a speech or presentation in class, so why not purchase some of these? They were pretty cheep, only about a pound or so, they were just exactly what I needed tucked away in my bag when I need them. 

Bunny Stapler

This is just the cutest thing to have on your desk or in a large pencil case, if you have one big enough! It works really well as a stapler because of the easiness in handling it.

Stabilo Boss Highlighters

I find this set of four so cute and so handy! Who wouldn’t want four little highlighters in one big one!? They have the four main neon colours, pink, green, yellow and blue-and I have been hearing so much about this idea of embre highlighters, where you get one colour highlighter, and dab it on one side of the highlighter so it bleeds into half of it, trust me it looks so cool! These are so handy in your bag because they are very useful.

Mini Rucksack pencil Case 

I ordered this adorable mini bag for all my pencils and pens and stationery a while ago on Amazon, and it so far has lasted pretty well, and looks cute at the same time! There is even a working pocket at the front for rubbers and sharpeners, or whatever you fancy! This doesn’t have to be a pencil case, you could use it for bits and bobs, make up  or even sweets. 

Handmade Whale notebook

This is actually from a family member, and don’t you just think it is so cute!? I love the design, and especially on a brown background, handmade with love is always the best! It is even hand stitched along the spine and is perfect for quickly jotting down phone numbers, important dates or even homework reminders! 

There are obviously more in the picture, but I have just mentioned the main or essentials you may want to include for school! I hope you enjoyed these reviews and recommendations! 


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