Ducky’s Feast

I felt a bit of an such a big urge to grab some yellow clay and a dollop of black and make a marmite jar so badly! You know Those times when it’s almost like the clay is saying to you, ‘use me to make a marmite jar Tabi’ 

Or it might just sit there. Doing whatever clay does. 

But hey ho

But once I had done just about the cutest marmite jar ever, it felt lonely, obvs. So then, came the teapot, with a little pink heart and the most fussiest handle and pouring spout in the entire clay world. So I had two on the baking tray ready to be sizzled in the ovenator, and then I realised, but what if the marmite, or the teapot gets hungry-whatever would they do? 

Then came the doughnut, oh, it looked good enough to devour in one bite… I used some beige clay and poked a hole in the centre for the ring, then did the same for the icing and made it a wobbly shape, and lastly added sprinkles. You can never forget the sprinkles if you want the perfect doughnut, can you? 

Oh dear, I had suddenly realised, what if this terrific triple act needed to get into partners for a game-they would both be fighting over the delicious doughnut! 

My last addition to Ducky’s Feast, was Ducky himself. You cannot see it, but he actually fits on the end of a pencil, or a slim pen, he likes to be able to see everything from a high vantage point…! 🙂 

I am really happy with my new family of clays, so gorgeous! Hope you liked Ducky and his friends!

Don’t forget to enter my competition, on’ you decide’. 


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