My Slight Obsession with Marmite

They say you love it or you hate it, but in my mind, you either love it or you really love it so much that when you are without that salty spread, you simply can’t cope. And, I would say I definitely have a slight obsession with this delicious yeasty goodness! And after finding out it is actually full of vitamins and goodness,..except for the high salt content of course! 

I had a square piece of mount board to spare, so what was I to do with that? I immediately wanted to paint on it, but I wasn’t entirely sure what to paint. But then I realised a square painting of a marmite jar…with a cute face, would simply be perfect! 

I silently screamed when I realised just how much acrylic paint I had used up in the past few weeks. Agh! But nevertheless, I soldiered on and just used slightly less paint. 🙂 

It was actually a really quick and easy, yet fun process, I simply whacked on some paint for the background, and once this was dry, painted the rest! Easy as marmite! 🙂 I can easily seeing you being able to do the same idea with ketchup, Nutella or even salt and pepper pots! Aw! 

I hope you liked this DIY and I wonder if any of you love or hate marmite? Don’t forget to enter my You decide competition post, I know I have said it at the end of a lot of posts but I would live you all to enter! 


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