My HONEST Review-Mi Pac Rucksack

A while ago, I made a purchase on Amazon of this Mi Pac rucksack. Yes I know, isn’t it adorable?! I will write a link to the bag here*, on Amazon.

This bag is a mini Mi Pac navy rucksack with a Nordic design. Mnghph! Sorry, that was just me squealing at just hoow gorgeous this design is. I have used it with so much love so far and I just know me and Mini Mi Pac will go on many more travels together…

So I have created an honest and true opinion of the highs and the lows of this liddle guy!

Let me start with practicalness (alright whatever, practicality). This size is absolutely perfect for a young child, OR any age, because it can just be for holding your phone, headphones, purse, notebook and a few other items. Plus, yer never too big for a super cute rucksack, am I right? There is even a small front zip pocket that is so useful for smaller things you want to carry.

As you can see, above, inside the bag, there is a large pocket at the back (the whole lining is of a wtaerproofy material-I think…!) and on top of this pocket, there is also a dinkier pocket, I love to stash my headphones and sketchbooks here. I think this design just makes Mi Pac bags so unique, useful and of course, stylish. This bag is made with the most care and quality, durable materials.

I’d like to chat about the zip mechanisms (bit of a mouthful). There has been a lot of unsure people about the strength of the zip, and some have even said that theirs has broken, although I personally have not encountered this problem. I can see how people have troubles, because of the flap that hides the zip, but I find that if you lift the flap up so it is turned back, you can zip it normally, and have no issues. There are cute suede zip handles, and I love all these suede details a lot. Because there is also a suedey cover on the base, this is to protect the bag when you chuck it down after a hard days work.

This bag measures…bare with me whilst I grab me measuring tape…nope, not really, i am using Amazons measurements, because I want complete accuracy! 🙂

The bag is 33cm tall, and is 25cm wiiide.

BUT WAIT, don’t go just yet!…I haven’t told you about the back yet! So, when you flip the bag over, there are two sturdy, and padded bag straps, that are both comfortable, and strong, although if you had a very heavy load inside, these straps may dig into you, but are very comfy normally. These are also, oh yes, you guessed it, adjustable! Yay! When I was purchasing this bag, I was concerned they would not adjust enough, and look very high on my back, but it is relatively good, and if it does look highish on you, you can easily carry it on one shoulder, and no-one will ever know. On the other hand, you rock that high up bag-it looks great!

Don’t forget the super duper headphone port, for those days it is raining like there will never be a sunny day again, and you can quite easily keep your phone or music player inside your rucksack, whilst still enjoying your cheerful tunes!

This is how i would rate this great bag! I think it s fabulous for a weekend away, or an everyday out and about bag! Personally, I doubt this would be spacious enough for a school bag if you have a lot of books, but you can use it for everyday perfectly! 😉

*I have always tried and tested the links I post, however I cannot hold responsibility if they cause issues with your device, thanks.

Remember…not long til my cool competition ends! Have a look, on the post...YOU DECIDE 😉


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