DIY Wipe-board 

Wa-hey! Another DIY post-that’s what I’m talkin about. Now, I was just rummaging round, thinking of what to create today (a few days back) when I stumbled across this clear parcel tape (it was more of a , stare down this parcel tape because you wanna use it for so many craft projects so bad), anyhow, I suddenly had an idea to make something useful, and cute! 

So, I had an idea to make a wipe board thing, so I grabbed some burgundy card, and cut a frame. I sellotaped four sticks of mount board together, and the parcel tape went over this (a double layer so that it hasn’t got a sticky side on one side). Once the frame was attached, I put a dinky heart on the top, made of clay, my best friend at the moment. 😉 

This is so cool because you can write cool messages on it, and stick it to a window or noticeboard for everyone to see that you desperately need them to buy you more acrylic paint for Christmas-oh and that fabulous paintbrush set of course! 

Have a go making one! Sharpies, actually surprisingly do rub off this, and I’m sure so do wipe board markers. 🙂


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