Is Tayasui Pro Worth It?

I am so excited to try and test this app…for you guys! I love to involve you all and I hope this really inspires you to grab the app and get doodling! You don’t have to be any good , just doodle busy bees!

 So, my first impressions, was that it was a more tuned version of Tayasui Sketches… 

*if you didn’t already know, this a sketching app you can download on an iPad, iPhone, I am not sure about Android…*

…I have been using the first version, and really really loved it, it is simple, stylish and so easy to navigate, but when I noticed the ‘pro’ version was out, I was immediately interested. 

Can I just mention…I really like the icon for it…and I definitely don’t just download apps cos I like the icons…but this time I genuinely wanted the app…teehee! 

As of what I can see so far, it has a lot more tools to use, and more tools means more diversity and more DOODLES,

I am about to open this app for the first time, and take you through how I find it! Let’s get to ittt.

There are different folders you can pick from, and change the design of them too! So I created a few folders to sort my artwork I created into these. I currently have a folder with festive things in it, I know, how exciting!

My first impressions on the menu page were pretty similar to the Free Version, however when I clicked on a fresh page, I did notice that I was right in the fact that there were many more tools, and brush sizes, shapes, how opaque they were, size of the brush tip, the list goes ON.

I was simply amazed at how many tools and options there were, however, is it worth £3.99 just for extra tool Sa? Hmm, well here’s the truth, 

If you desperately want all these amazing tools and options for the sketching, go for it, it’s your money, however if you are managing fine and coping really  well creating great work with the free version, then stick with it, because the only really difference is the extra tools, which is useful, don’t get me wrong, but that is the only difference, and a few setting changes that I can see.

Now I can show you a few things I drew quickly on the PRO version of Tayasui Sketches. 

I think there are so many options on this app and you can really get creative with it. I have thoroughly enjoyed having a play at doodling on this well compiled app, but whether it is worth upgrading to pro, is up to you, I have told you pros and cons, now you can choose and get sketching either way!

Thanks for reading!

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