Bake Off Inspired…

I have been so busy this morning baking all these scrummy biscuits! I made a delicious biscuit dough, and then divided it and added cocoa to the smaller half, leaving me with chocolate and ordinary biscuits, yum! Some turned into adorable hearts, some gingerbread men, and some…well, some failed…

These little gems were AH-mazing! I had cooked them just right-9minutes if you want to have a crack at it 😉 and they had a lovely soft texture…mm.

There were only about four ingredients which means this is just such an easy and cheap bake! 

Of course I had to taste the mix, just to check there was the right, um, amount of cocoa, of course… 😉 I was thinking of icing these, but I thought they would look messy, and they looked good just as they were! I then arranged them so they looked LAVELY on a plate, like soo..

If you want delicious



Biscuit/cookie things, whatever you like, then do what I did, and use self raising flour not plain like the recipe said. Living on the edge…and all that.

So, that was how I went about my morning making yummy snacks! 🙂 Mary Berry will be offering me a place on bake off soon! (OK, maybe not) 

Remember my YOU DECIDE competition post is nearly closed, so find that post and enter! Now!


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