Can YOU Doodle 50?

50 doodles you can do….ingredients: a pen, or a pencil, and a dash of perseverance.

You can do them all in your unique style, and tweak my ideas, to make them your own, have a go!

  1. A postbox
  2. A herd of zebras
  3. A family selfie
  4. Lemons and Limes…with faces 😉
  5. A flying boat
  6. Ducks in the rain
  7. The perfect holiday destination
  8. A Gold car
  9. A tennis match
  10. Stationery
  11. Green Vegetables
  12. Dancing pig
  13. A flower meadow
  14. A lightning storm
  15. Technology and electronics
  16. Your own invention
  17. A bubbling cauldron and witch
  18. Space
  19. A forest with animals that aren’t real in it.
  20. Knee-high boots
  21. Different weathers
  22. A toucan
  23. Your favourite meal
  24. Dogs telling jokes
  25. A wall of clocks
  26. A fireplace
  27. Something Autumnal 
  28. A hedgehog with a hat
  29. What you see to your left
  30. Seven Fish
  31. A grocery shop
  32. Cats sat on a wall
  33. A lion in a circus
  34. Mountain range
  35. Fizzy pop rockets
  36. A log cabin
  37. Deer swimming
  38. Giant Watermelon
  39. World made of cardboard and paper
  40. Foods from different countries
  41. A unicorn
  42. A beaver with baby beavers
  43. A party…just for platypi 
  44. The leaning tower of Pisa
  45. Ship in a bottle
  46. A lighthouse
  47. Marshmallows with different expressions
  48. A cake with ten layers
  49. A museum
  50. A bench on a clifftop

You want more? I hear you say,..

Well, maybe 100 things to doodle, will be coming your way soon…



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