7 Reasons to Sew

I haven’t gone over sewing, or anything like that yet, but I plan on doing it more often, because I’m sure a lot of you would really enjoy that…at least I think soo…ahem…*tumbleweed*.


I have made 70 reasons! Not quite, 

But I have made 7!

Ahh…not quite as impressive, oh well! Enjoy anyways! 

1. It is a relaxing hobby,that can range from easy to tricky!

Sewing can take any stress off you, and is a fun way to spend a day-in! I love to grab some material and make a cute cuddly toy, key ring or cushion, when it is raining outside and you have nothing better to do-right?

2. There are so many books, tutorials and ideas everywhere…

On Google, and many other places on the Internet, there are countless ideas, inspiration, mood boards, tutorials,ebooks, the LOT. But if you don’t want or cannot find anything there…you can always revert to good old trees and ink (books). 

3. It is a practical skill that is useful to have

What if you don’t want to buy a new pair of jeans, just because a pesky seam has come undone? What if you couldn’t find the exact same design of your favourite hoodie in the shop, but yours has a broken zip? Well, as long as you can sew just a bit, those will all be fixed in no time, and nobody will ever know…

4. You can create useful things that you are proud of

Not only is sewing a fun passtime, but you can make things that look great in your home. Like a new cushion, blanket,lampshade or even an advent calendar when the season gets festive! 

5. Start or join a club nearby!

Maybe there is already a sewers club by you that you don’t know of, or maybe you are interested in starting one! Start off with a friend or two, and eventually maybe you will have a community of interested sewers like you!

6. A cheaper way to save your day,

As long as you don’t have to rush out and purchase rolls and rolls of expensive silk, sewing can be quite inexpensive. If you have the basics already. Like a needle thread, scissors and a few bits of material, because let’s face it, we don’t all have a haberdashery like on the Great British Sewing Bee, then you can easily start making presents for a family member, because you don’t have the money to go and buy them something.

7. Because it’s fun!

You never know, you might be the next amazing sewer, but you might not, so what? That doesn’t matter- if you are enjoying the principle and you just love to create things from materials, stick with it and it can be your new hobby! Just enjoy experimenting and have fun 🙂


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