Ribbet, Ribbet

My new addition to the clay family! We welcomed him with open arms into the miniature community…

So now you wonder how I conjured this little guy, well I thought I would mound a monster, but then k thought, wouldn’t it look a lot like a frog? So then I wondered, maybe I should just make a frog? Just, not the slimy type…I actually found a frog in my back garden and it was really cute and hoppy! It would just sit there for ages and ages, and all of a sudden, as you get close to take a photo…


…and it would be off…leaping with outstretched legs (and boy are they long) into some long grass, hidden out of sight, a bit like me when I do not wish to get up in the morning.

So I moulded some green clay and various other colours until I was left with a frog! I have made a video about how to make it, which of course will be zipping onto my website in no time…

Phh, who am I kidding?!

It will be ages til I finish the final shots, save it, share the video, email it, upload the file and then format it onto my website!

But I will of course try my best…! 

Oh no! My competition has nearly finished 😦 if you still want to enter then please please search or find my pots, YOU DECIDE before the 23rd! Go go go! 🙂


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