The Fiftieth Post!

Can you believe it? I can’t, at, all. It’s just ridiculous because it feels like it has only been a week since I started this blog for all of you. 

I wanted to inspire young people to start up crafting, or just being creative all day every day, but I ALSO wanted every age to enjoy a good old blog to keep you happy and inspired, I may not be fully there yet, but I’m sure with your help, and a bit of pure grit, we can get there and busy bee will take off (quite literally..! Buzz…).

There are currently 20 little buzzy bees following me, and to you that may or may not sound like loads, but to me, WOW. It’s like I have been hit in the face with a cream pie. It doesn’t matter about the fact that you all are following, it matters that 20 people are truly and genuinely wanting to read about my day to day life and  want to follow my craft tips, and take their own time to be interested in my blog posts, that just means so much and I am so proud! I can remember when I was sat here writing ‘the Golden 10’ which was celebrating ten followers, now I have DOUBLED that in not so long!

So I just wanted to say thank you so so much for following and being a part of Busy Bee 🙂 I hope for many more interesting posts you enjoy! 

Also, I have just finished editing my video tutorial for the clay frog, teehee, featured in the post before this! Ribbet, Ribbet ..


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