New Friendly Faces-what I bought

It’s fair to say I love any item of stationery with a face on it.

It’s also fair to say I love tins. They come in all shapes and sizes, patterns, colours and designs, but when I had found two different designs, I had no idea which to pick! But, eventually, after a rather long time spent in the craft section (and trust me, I could have spent longer…) I picked this bear and woodland animals sewing tin, although I am thinking of using it for random bits and bobs lying around that could be tidied up in this tin. And guess what? It has it’s very own busy bee! I guess I just had to get it! 🙂

I was over the literal moon when I spotted this juice carton…just. How. Cute?! It is a pencil case too! What more could you want!

It has a lovely feel and is quite thick so I think it will last me a while which is a thumbs up in that part! And the tin is just adorable, with a baby blue colour tin and cream background on the sides with the animal designs, I love both these items so so much and I am very happy with my purchases! I am sure I will have to do a September Favohrites post just because I have such lovely stationery and…stuff! 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I just couldn’t hold back from showing these because they are heartwarming! (To the average stationery lover). It was actually a John Lewis store, and I can tell you I had to hold back from buying the whole stationery section, because they had   such lovely stuff at that moment! I am sure I spent quite a while there gawking at every shelf! 😛

Keep crafting 😉


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