Wintery Me

I know what you mean, wintery me…in Autumn? Really? Well, as people always say, it is never too early for Winter, the frost has been nipping at our fingers and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna snow tomorrow, phh only kidding, it hasn’t snowed for years  I love the snow, though, and maybe this year we will get a sprinkling of the fun ice rain! Let’s hope so, because snow means


And snowballs mean

Snowball fights

And snowball fights mean


And snow forts mean

Major battle with snow



Oh, and Christmas of course, but I’m not in the festive mood just yet, especially as it is still only September! Anyway, Autumn brings lots of fun things too, the crunch red yellow and orange leaves, you don’t have to have snow, you could have a leaf fight! And don’t you just love it when you walk across the street and all the crunchy leaves crinkle under your shoes, and I am sure I’m definitely not the only one who goes deliberately out of their way to step on them and hear that satisfying leaf noise!

Although it has been reasonably hot this week, we suddenly had a bit of a chill and the temperature was a bit nippy, but it seems to have gone back to, you know,


weather. But meh weather, is fine and I’m not complaining because, hot sunshine can sometimes warm roast you and you need to drink quadrillion glasses of water a day. And also, freezing cold frozen toes weather is sometimes quite …well…cold? 

So, I hope you like my little wintery doodle to get us all ready and shake off summer! I used a black drawing pen and this was in my sketchbook from paperchase. And don’t think I did this in like literally one attempt in five minutes, oh no, this took me about a page of attempts because boy was that scarf pesky! Eventually I think I got the right mix of features and clothing, hopefully you like this little doodle, maybe it will appear on my website soon. 

Talking of my website, go have a look at busybeecraft because I have had quite a dramatic makeover on it and I hope you think it looks good, because boy did I spend hours tapping away at my laptop!


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