Sort of Oven Bake Doughnuts!

And I say, sort of, for a reason…

I was really keen to bake doughnuts, but I didn’t have a deep fat fryer anywhere, so when I found oven bake recipes, I was so happy! But, of course, they would be more like cakes, so you would then have to have a doughnut tray, which yet again, was not in my reach! So I used a muffin tray instead, and said to myself I can always cut out the centres, so I baked the recipe and shoved them in the oven, but when they came out, there wasn’t much of them and they were not very tall, so I thought that if I even attempted to remove any of the middle, there may only be a crumb or two left! Ah, so what was I supposed to do then? 

Icethem of course.

So I did that, reached for the sprinkles, but…


There were no sprinkles in the cupboard either, this was going downhill quite fast! 

So, icing it was, and I would just have to hope for the best when I tasted them! I hope you at least, partially likeish the look of these beauties beasts..! Because as always, I tried my best and made a lot of mess, so hopefully it was worth it, and maybe you want to have a go at doing a better job!

I had a disaster that I forgot to mention, whoopsies, basically, I poured the melted butter in too quickly, and although I had already had breakfast that day, I ended up with scrambled eggs, so it was back to square one for me and these doughnuty delights…

The recipe was actually a bit different from a cake recipe anyway, it involved melted butter, milk, and even salt, as well as a few other basic ingredients, so wish me luck when I taste them! You can find many recipes online, so give it a go because they can hardly be any worse than mine!

Keep baking busy bees x


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