8 Things I Did Today

My previous post, My Today Journey, was a success with you lovely lot, so I was inspired to do another post, along the same lines I guess. So, this time I thought, well I’m not planning on making anything huge today, so I will go down Lifestyle street.

I have decided to include 8 of the ordinary, to the cool of things I did and happened today. I know, i know, it’s a Sunday, right? The day where not-a-lot happens. But it’s a Sunday for everyone on the entire planet, and how cool is that? So, I am using Sunday as the day where I blog what happens, from the normal to the interesting to the liddle bit crazy…

  1. I cleared my desktop, to make me feel more productive.

My desk was completely CLUTTERED, and i mean, there was a pile of JUNK taller than me. I know right, clear it up already?! But, I had never gotten round to clearing mount messiness, so I decided to just do it. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long, however you should see the state of my desk drawers, yup, that’s my next job…when I get round to it…At least now I have a lovely neat desk to be productive at. Phew.img_4906

2. I had cheese on toast for lunch

I popped some bread from the freezer under the grill and put a little bit of cheese on top. After it had melted, I got it out and squeezed (a bit too much) ketchup on my plate with a glass of tropical juice. I then had some pineapple afterwards…a little bit cheeky but Yum!

3. I made a marmite Jar into a pencil pot

If you are interested or a slight bit intrigued by this, then I did a whole blog post on it so take a look now! It is super duper easy, and I mean it! This is sitting proudly on my desk full with pencils! I won’t show you a picture because obviously that would ruin the surprise for when you go and read that blog post NOW, 🙂

4. I translated some French words into English 

For a quick bit of schoolwork **groan* I know, boring, but it is still something I did today, and I’m not cutting anything out!so, I used a French dictionary, and searched up about five or six words and translated them to Anglais, whoops, I mean – English.

5. I made some DIY Polaroids

And I was actually really pleased with these, because to be honest, I expected them to be a bit messy and a bit rubbish. But I surprised myself with this DIY, so if you wish to see how I did that, look for the post which I made earlier, I’m sure you will enjoy making them as much as I did, they were so fun and look great in any bedroom!

6. I walked around the garden and went in the garden

Sometimes it feels great to have some fresh air, and take a breather whilst strolling round your garden, even if you only have a patch of grass a metre wide, go outside and enjoy the outdoors for five minutes, you will feel a lot better and more energised afterwards, trust me! I took a few snaps on my way…

7. Roast Dinner

Is it a tradition that most Sunday’s you have a roast dinner? It isn’t exactly a tradition, but we sometimes do have a yummy meal on a Sunday!

8. I topped up my phone

I know. SO interesting. But the whole point of this post is that you document every detail and random things you did that day. And this is what I did! 🙂

So this is what I did today. Sundays  are probably the day where the least happens. So next time I’m sure I will do a different day of the week, and that would be a bit more eventful, but remember that the whole point is because other people are interested in the tiny details of your day that you wouldn’t normally document. Why don’t you take part in the 8 things I did today challenge? They can be as normal as tripping over a shoe in the hall!


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