DIY Polaroids + minis!

So, I suddenly had a brainwave as I was wishing I had one of those cameras that prints Polaroids straight out for you, and I have seen so many gorgeous bedrooms decorated with these, that I could make them myself…

But was it possible, and could I do it without buying any extra materials? 

Of course I could. And it actually proved quite easy. Here is how I made these adorable Polaroids and mini versions too! Aw!

I used…

  • White card
  • Magazine cuttings-you could use photos you have taken and print them out on glossy photo paper.
  • Glue
  • Pegs(optional)
  • And a String/fairy lights (optional)

So, to start with I spent a good long time cutting out and tearing cool patterns and photos I loved and thought would inspire me from magazines, and trust me yes there was mess scattered on the rug, but oh well. 😉 

You can always use photos of family and pets instead though!

I made all these pictures square and the same size with scissors. Then, grabbing the white card, I cut a rectangle ever so slightly larger than the photos. I repeated this six times so there was one piece of card for every picture. Then I glued them down leaving a larger space on the bottom, so it looks like a Polaroid!

Clever, huh?

After this, I even created some minis! You can do this by repeating the above steps, and just making them smaller, cuute! 

I then thought they would look great on a string or fairy lights hung in my room, which was looking better by the minute! Grab some pegs and peg them up, this way, you can easily change them when you get bored!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, cos I sure did when I was making them! And I also know I used waay too many exclamation marks here, but I was so happy! Teehee 🙂


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