Love it, Hate it, or Make a pencil pot with it!

You either love it or you hate it right? Marmite is either your best friend or your enemy. At least that’s what everyone thinks…

Why not make it into a pen and pencil pot instead! Yay!

I have loved marmite for yeears, and I simply couldn’t chuck another jar away without making a project with it, so I pondered for a while and eventually came to the conclusion of making a pencil pot, or a pot to store things in. There is virtually no process in making this project, all you have to do is…

Eat it.

Wash it.

Dry it.

Bam. Your finished! Yup, as easy as that! Just make sure there is absolutely no marmite left in the jar and then it is ready to use! How about you fix it to the wall, or put it on a shelf by a candle or mug! 


I really enjoyed doing this post for all of you, so I hope you enjoy reading and making it too! It is such a unique accessory that nobody else will have…unless you both follow my blog! Enjoy crafting! 😉


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