How I Draw in Pen

It has been a bit long since I shared my drawing knowledge with you. So I decided to create this post, and it is going to explain How a I draw my pictures. Have a look !

So, I often draw in pen, because of personal preference and that it means there is no going back! Once you’ve started with pen, that’s it! Also, I tend not to draw with pencil underneath because you then have to rub it out after and tbh it’s just a faf isn’t it?

This is why it often can take me a while to figure out what I’m going to draw, because I know I can’t screw it up. But when I have decided what, whether it’s rabbits, people, nature or household objects, I just go for it, and using a pen gives you that urge for success.

But what one would I use to draw with? It varies. But right now, I am using the Uni Pin drawing pen because it is waterproof and fade proof, but you can read all about that in Seltember Favourites. But whatever pen I do decide to use, it is often either a 0.3 or a 0.1. I don’t tend to go any thinner, or I would worry the nib would disappear altogether! 🙂

My top tip for drawing in pen would definitely be, be confident, even if you really aren’t, because if you’re confident, then you will create bold stable lines. If you are nervous and shaky, your lines will not look right and the whole effect will just fizzle away like a faulty firework. Trust me on this one!


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