Unboxing My New Camera!

I was SO excited when my parcel of a new camera arrived! My phone camera has 5 megapixels, I KNOW right…but this new camera has a whopping 20.4 megapixels included! *Pumps fist in the air* I will tell you what the name of this amaazing new photo shooter is, and then talk a bit about how it performed, but DO NOT WORRY…this will not be a techy overload, just a casual Unboxing with a few added things thrown in too, enjooy!

The name: Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX400V, it has wifi and gps features, and a Carl Zeiss lens, and boy is it a whopper. As I said, 20.4 megapixels, and a sensor so that when you put your eye up to the viewfinder, the screen stops and appears in the viewfinder instead, which is VERY handy. Another thing about the screen which I love is that it folds out and you can adjust the level, angle and all that so you can see the screen best. 

I have taken a few snaps, mainly of Reenie Poops, my rabbit, and I will upload them for you to see. I apologise if this is a late post but I have been thoroughly using this amazing new buy because I love it already! 

At a price of £399.99 I did expect it to have quite a few features, and I wasn’t disappointedly! There is a 50x optical zoom and it zooms just as clearly and sharp as when zoomed out, perfect for far away shots of nature, or on a rainy day where you literally can’t be bothered to go outdoors…ahem…definitely not me…

This size camera fits so well in my hands and the chunky lens feels quality and so does the weight. I feel like this camera will last me years…

Touch wood…

(And yes I did just go and find some wood) 

…which is so good. Also, I have been longing to take clear photos for ages and finally I can do this. It will be great for my blog and just general photography.

*bear with me whilst I sort out cheeky Reenie who is running crazily round the garden, earlier she got out and rolled in a planter of soil, so that was interesting…teehee the rascal *

This camera comes with a camera strap to fit round your neck which adds security and you don’t feel like you will drop it and cling on for dear life!

I definitely can reccomending this camera to any photography newbies, although there are a lot of features and settings, so if you don’t want it to complicated, this may be a bit too complicated, but otherwise it is an AMAZING camera and I love it so much already! I hope you enjoyed this Unboxing style post and I look forward to better photography in the future! I will include some photos I took as I was practising getting used to it below!

I have been inspired to make a before and after comparison post, so look out for that if I do!


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