Reenie’s Adventures Escaping!

Although the lucky little bunny has a lovely little run and a big extension run, aswell as her hutch in the shed leading outside via a tunnel…she still wants to explore the whole garden and I let her out and watch her having so much fun!

But, somehow, she had got out, we think by hopping up on top of a wooden box and then over a lower part of the fence, so she had managed to get out into the garden, she’s so clever! But don’t worry, the garden is rabbit safe and we cover up all the possible escape routes! 

So, I took the opportunity to get snapping with my new camera. And have only just discovered the wifi setting because I couldn’t work it out!

I think this just about sums up the mishap…

I apologise everyone for the overload of posts today…three! I was just too excited from the camera and so I have been blogging constantly! I hope you enjoyed anyways!

Tabi and Reenie x


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