Yup, it’s another DIY post for ya! 


I have just finished creating a clay Busy Bee, from The winner of my competition,who’s website is Noobbellas (I’m not sure if they wish me to mention their name so I won’t 😉 ) and they have a fabuloose blog that you should definitely have a look at if you get the time, go on, grab that cuppa and have a read! They suggested I make a Busy Bee, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of that! So I did, and here it is in this post! 

So, now ive done and dusted with that competition, now for the fun DIYs! I have come up with SIX, yup you heard me, SIX easy makes that shouldn’t take you long…or any time at all! 

Some people really don’t want all the hassle of long DIYs with soo many tools and materials, so I created ones that anyone can make, with anything lying around! Take a look if yer interested! 

First of all, well I guess I should start with the Busy Bee, so you will need oven bake clay, I used FIMO soft, and a few tools, although I just used one of those things you get with a scraper foil set! 

The rest is pretty obvious, mould and shape, mould (*uh…when auto correct changes mould…to mouldy… :/ ) and shape, til you get this little fella! Cute huh?

The next DIY *ooh don’t ya just love DIYs?* is a paintbrush holder, made of a bottle! Wow, how simple? Er-very.

For this one, literally all you have to do is wash out a bottle and take the lid off, whack in the brushes and your done! You could use this for anything aswell, pens, pencils, paper clips, anything that fits!

*hmm…bit of a dark photo, whoops! Fail.*

The next one, are these gorgeous dividers wrapped with wrapping paper, or gift wrap, whatever you wanna call that papery thing that wraps presents, ok?!

All I did, was get a small square of the paper and wrap it around the tab, then secured it with sellotape. You can also do this with ordinary paper, washi tape or even magazines.

It is a unique way of decorating your notebooks, and if they come off, you can easily do it again! Personalise them your way! 

I mean come on, how much better does that look than plain blue and green dividers? 


DIY numberr FOUR is this super useful mini shelf! I managed to build this with offcuts and scraps I found lying in the shed, unused and unloved. *sniff* 

I have found this so useful, to store little bits and bobs on, without cluttering my desk and workspace. All I used was a liddle bit of wood glue, a couple of screws, and wood (obvs). 

Once the pieces are cut to size BE CAREFUL GUYS, saws are dangerous and sharp , although I didn’t NEED TO DO MUCH CUTTING BECAUSE A LOT OF THE PIECES WERE ALMOST THE RIGHT SIZE ANYWAY. And I forgot caps lock was on but I can’t be bothered to change it. :/

Next up are these…


…*ahem*, sorry, overcome with cuteness.

Mini pineapples in a jar! In mini jars with corks, I made clay pineapples and popped them inside, they were a little bit cheeky and didn’t stand up at first, but then they behaved and I could get a good photo of them, don’t worry, they can still breathe! 

Finally, is This little bag of wishes. I made lots of little bits of paper, and rolled them up then popped them inside a little drawstring bag. You can write wishesin here and hopes and dreams too. The good thing is you hardly need anything for this DIY, yay! 

And that’s it, all of the DIYs! phew, this post took me a looong time to write, so I hope it’s worth it, thanks for reading! 


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