Sometimes it takes 23 attempts to get it right.

I got so frustrated when I just couldn’t get this drawing right. I know what they say about foxes being sneeky now… I kept trying and trying, but the legs would be too far apart, or the tail too small, or the face all wonky, it just wasn’t coming together.

But I marched on, I was so determined to get this one little drawing just right, luckily eventually my hard work payed off. But after 23 attempts at drawing this fox, I needed a break from drawing them! 

When I had to turn over the page in my sketchbook, I thought would I ever manage to get one I liked? But not long after that, I managed it, and I was so glad I stayed putt and persevered. So whatever it is you’re doing, stick with it, and eventually it will pay off, you can do it! Is all I can say!

Phew, I got there.


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