Woodland Ramble ~Daily Blog

Firstly, HAPPY SATURDAY everyone! I have had a lovely day today, hope you guys have too! 

Although it was only short, I had a lovely walk through the forest, before the rain decided to show up! We walked down the path and it was so peaceful, with the smell of Pine trees, it reminded me of Christmas. 

I managed to get a few snaps, although not many because the rain started hammering down on us! Eek! It’s interesting though how you can take photos of anything really, and still get a good photo. Whether it is a log, branch or a piece of litter, it all makes a good photo. 

A few trees had just been chopped down, so that’s probably why it smelled so goood! I was wrapped up in my coat, wellies and jumper so I was plenty cosylicious! I found it really fun walking through the squelching mud and gravelly earth pathway through the trees. The only wildlife I saw was a little bird hopping in a hedge by the side of the path, obviously it was too rainy for wildlife today! 

It was a lovely walk, and a lovely drive through woodland and country roads, then back home in the warm for TV and raspberries, mmm! 

I have planned to maybe do some making today, and even baking if I get time. I really want to give focaccia a try because I have found a good recipe by Paul Hollywood (a.k.a the King of Bread) 😛 

I have decided to instead of doing lots

And lots

And loots

Of liccle posts a day, I am going to do some longer daily blogs and then extra ones for tutorials or DIYs, stuff like that.

So I have now included a few of the snaps I took on my ramble…

I didn’t see any Gruffalos mind…



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