Autumn Essentials…and all things Halloween

After going on a morning walk, I’m definitely in the Autumn spirit. There were orange red and yellow leaves scattered about, a slight chill breeze and it just feels so…AUTUMNAL.

I can’t wait for all the fun thingsI can draw make and create this season, isn’t it just the best for all things creative? I think so. And the thing is, there is always something for everyone. Whether you’re into baking…(I say halfway through making a focaccia, it could be a success or massive fail, we’ll see…) or loving the outdoors, or sewing, Autumn is great for everyone. 

Ok…so technically robins are wintery, ah well…

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’ve made a mish mash of things to do with this season, outfits, doodles, craft and ideas, so if you’re feeling super Autumny today then take a look, oh, and I chucked in a bit of Halloween aswell, so enjooy!

Autumn Feels

Don’t you love those cosy days in, watching TV and drinking hot chocolate, well you need a comfy outfit right? And there are looads right now for Autumn so go and have a bit of a browse for that perfect outfit, treat yourself! 

I think things I love wearing this season are big thick jumpers, tartan and boots, now that is a combo. 

Getting Creative this season is second nature to me, but if you’re not feeling so creative and inspired to get doodling, then take a look at a few of my doodles, maybe you will feel more ready to pick up that pen and draw! 

Whether it’s foxes, squirrels, woolly jumpers or cosy blankets, grab that sketchbook and just doodle something.

We can’t talk about Autumn without baking, right? Well, I have been really busy baking delicious focaccia, and when it’s warmed up it feels like real Autumn baking!

If you’d like to find the recipe, it’s from BBC Good food, and was a Paul Hollywood recipe, a.k.a the King of Bread. And for a first attempt, I think it turned out alright, what do you think?

It was delicious and warming, perfect for a cold Autumn night.
Then on to Halloween ideas-what you can make, bake, create, draw and paint, literally anything Halloweeny!

Some ideas to get you going on the 31st…

  • Bake some Halloween biscuits with popping candy
  • Make pumpkin pie after carving out pumpkins!
  • DIY ghost placemats or coasters, especially for Halloween parties and feasts!
  • Sew a pet spider, make sure he’s friendly…
  • Make a Halloween costume…maybe you want to dress as a pumpkin, ghost, skeleton, witch or a gravedigger, anything spooky or scary.

I hope these ideas got you going a bit for this October, oh I love Autumn for so many reasons, don’t you? I wonder what all your favourite parts of Autumn are? 

    Much Autumnal Love ,



    2 thoughts on “Autumn Essentials…and all things Halloween

    1. I love autumn, my favorite time of the year. It cools down in Alabama, the leaves start to change into beautiful colors and it’s extremely beautiful if you like the outside as much as I do. Thank you for sharing and have a great day.

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