Mini Woodland Animal Squishies

It took me a while to publish the post, but I wasn’t going to stop posting every day by any means! So, I went as fast as I could, hoping hoping these would dry so I could do the next stage! 

I had seen people making their own Squishies before and it inspired me to give it a go, it didn’t seem too tricky! Then I realised there was quite a bit of shaping and faffing involved, so it took me a while to get them sort of spherical, you know.

Eventually I got there, ish! 

So, I was left with a sphere of foam that needed painting, but because they were so light, I kept dropping them…with paint on them, you can guess where I’m going here…

I wanted to make woodland animals, because it’s Autumn so I got grey red and brown, then painted it all over the sponge. 

Soo I was left with painted foam spheres, they just needed a little detail, like eyes. I grabbed a pen and got drawing. I probably should have used a thicker pen because it didn’t show up as much as I would have liked, but never mind!

All I used was foam, acrylic paint and pen, simple as that. 


See you tomorrow for another post 😉


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